The benefits of travelling with hand luggage only

The benefits of travelling with hand luggage only

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There are many benefits to travelling with just hand luggage.

Many airlines especially low cost ones such as Ryanair and Easyjet charge a fee to check-in a bag these are typically £40 per bag per flight so you are saving money.

Most airlines allow you to check in on line, so if you are only taking hand luggage there is no need to queue to drop off a checked in bag, this can save you a lot of time and stress especially when taking early morning flights, simply arrive at the airport and head straight to security.

No need to wait for your bag to be off loaded and placed on the carousel which again saves you time and stress and more importantly lets you get to the taxi rank or care hire companies office before other passengers. Queues to collect hire cars are very slow moving especially in peak season, so this is a major benefit.

No chance of the airline losing or damaging your bag, you are in control, another stress reducer.

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The amount, size and weight allowed in the cabin is dependent upon the airline you are flying with, although most national carriers use the IATA guidelines which state that luggage should measure no more 22 inches (56 cm) x 18 inches (45 cm) x 10 in (25 cm), these are the absolute maximum dimensions and include handles and wheels.

The actual size and weight limits of cabin luggage can differ widely, in some cases they are dependent on the aircraft model being used, in others it depends on the booking class or individual airlines rules.

Arriving at the airport with oversize luggage often means it will need to be checked in and a fee paid. To avoid this use the menu on the right to select the airline you are traveling with to see their hand luggage allowances and restrictions.