Tips when travelling with just hand luggage

Tips and advice when travelling with only hand luggage

Always know the hand or cabin luggage restrictions for the airline or airlines you are travelling with, this is especially important if you are returning with a different carrier or you have connecting flights as allowances may differ.

Buy the right size bag, if you only ever travel with one airline then buy one that has the maximum allowed dimensions for that airline. However if you travel with different airlines you will need to decide if it is worth buying bags to use with specific airlines. Considering that the cost of one checked in bag can easily be more than the purchase price of an extra bag this may be a sensible option.

Always choose a soft rather than rigid type bag and if possible an expanding one, soft bags are often lighter and can be crammed into the overhead locker and the check in luggage gauge more easily.

Use a weighing scale to ensure the weight of your bag is not over the limit, do this before you travel to the airport, if you arrive at check in and your bag is over the weight limit, you are likely be asked to check it into the hold and this can be much more expensive than checking in a bag that has been pre-booked on line.

Only pack what you need, if you are travelling in a group or as a family try to share items like hair dryers, travel adapters, phone chargers etc.  Always wear any heavy items you need such as coats, jeans and boots. When choosing clothes to take with you, if possible ensure they are light weight and wrinkle free. Choose items that co-ordinate to produce multiple outfits by all working together. Recall your last trip, what clothes did you take and what did you actually wear, we all have our favourites that we tend to wear over and over, so just take what you know you will wear and are comfortable with.

Use your pockets to carry heavy items  such as camera’s, books, phones and chargers, if you read a lot consider purchasing an e book reader such as the Kindle which will let you carry a library of several hundred books and weighs less than a single paperback.